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Everyone tips Djokovic to beat Murray in the US Open Final tonight. I think there are signs to suggest Murray will turn the tables and claim the victory for himself. Here are the impress coaching secrets to his success.

Mental Strength

A good example of the belief in Djokovic is this interesting piece by Patrick Clarke in the Bleacher Report.  As I have blogged in the past Andy has the class to win a slam but can be defeated by his own lack of belief. However, many now believe that his coach Ivan Lendl has helped him master these issues. One of these authorities is no less than Boris Becker reported in the Daily Telegraph:

…. Andy has learned how to deal with his inner demons. In this tournament, he has come through even when he hasn’t been playing well, and that is the sign of a champion. Take the quarter-final against Marin Cilic, where he came out looking very sluggish and lost the first set. In a situation like that, he doesn’t stop believing. He understands that even if you play badly, you only have to win three sets out of five…

Another important influence on his belief is his London 2012 Olympic Gold Medal. HIs coach Ivan Lendl has been clever in his use of this victory making it comparable to a slam. In this way he eases the pressure on Murray for losing four previous slam finals. This was revealed by  Mark Cannizzaro of the New York Post in a question he put to Ivan. He asked if Murray’s first Grand Slam win, whether or not at New York, will generate the belief to go on and win more. Lendl replied;

… he’s already broken through … at the Olympics … he’s already won the biggest one in my mind … that was a big win … one on the level of the Grand Slams … in many ways, it’s much tougher to win …

I think the Olympic gold medal could make a difference to his belief, because he will definitely go out there feeling that he has delivered in a major final before. Murray quoted in The China Daily appears to have taken Lendl’s message to heart:

Andy Murray believes his Olympic gold medal eased the heartbreak of his shattering Wimbledon defeat so thoroughly that he is now perfectly placed to become Britain’s first Grand Slam champion in 76 years.

The Team Environment

I often wonder if Andy plays better in the team environment. The gold medal may suggest this as does his Davis Cup performances. In many peoples eyes his partnership with Laura Robson in the Olympic mixed doubles brought the best out of him.

As we saw on Saturday night, Andy is supported by Sean Connery and Sir Alex Ferguson. In fact he has many millions of Britons rooting for him. When he felt their support over the two tournaments played at Wimbledon this summer, he played better, and Lendl will remind him of that. He will know that the people at home will all be glued to the TV. There is a view reported by Oliver Brown in the Telegraph that he has won over the American public. The crowd rooting for him during the match could be a very big factor in deciding the winner.

Murray talking like a winner

I like some of the things I have heard Murray say over the last 24 hours. Fox News quote Murray on playing Djokovic, a regular opponent since they were 11 year old.

I’ve had big losses against him but some big wins too.

I like the sound of this, it suggests he’s focusing on what he can achieve rather than what he fears.

The secret for Murray’s success

The secret is this mix: –  what he has achieved this year, Lendl’s work on his mental toughness and the feeling of being in a team environment with the support of the crowd. I tip Murray to win.

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