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    Hi, thanks for visiting my blog, ‘impress’ is a simple set of tools for sports coaches and parents. Use subliminal language patterns to build confidence ...


4 tips to motivate your children to train (even when they don’t want to)

The rolling eyes and grumpy frowns told me all I needed to know. My two daughters were not enthused by my suggestion that they should start having piano lessons. They were even less impressed by the idea of daily piano practice! That was over a year ago though and now both girls, (aged 12 and […]

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Wimbledon: Inside the Minds of Champions

This last week has thrown up a good example of the type of thinking that separates champions from other very good players. The lesson is about staying in the moment. Allowing our minds to get trapped in the past or focus on the future leads to defeat. Having Fun, Accepting & Staying in the Moment I […]

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Andy Murray and coach Ivan Lendl during practice on day ten of the 2012 Wimbledon Championships at the All England Lawn Tennis Club

Why The Coach is the best Psychologist & Three Rules they should Follow

The best Sports Psychologists are the Coach, Captain and Senior Players There seems to be a tendency for Sports Psychologist to become big personalities. They have to be good to get to this stage and I congratulate them for this. But I’m not a supporter of the tendency for an outsider to enter the team […]

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A 5 Point Coaching Plan for Dealing with Defeat

Here is our template developed from the impress model to help coaches deal with defeat. Of course this template works just as well for leaders in business and parents.  After all no one is immune from pressure, set backs and disappointments. The need to inspire and build confidence in these situations is shared by us all. […]

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Stuart Lancaster on the Art of Good Coaching

vBlog: Stuart Lancaster & The Art of Good Coaching

  I think you’ll enjoy this second in our vBlog series of interviews with Stuart Lancaster. We are exploring his approach to motiovating his players and extracting that extra level of performance that only the best coaches manage to unlock from the minds of their players. In this vBlog, Stuart describes how and why Identity and Culture […]

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Pressure & How to Beat World Class Opponents

Sometimes you have to beat a better team It’s a fact that whatever sport you are in and at whatever level you play, there are times you have to beat teams who are better than you or at least, with the run of the ball have the beating of you. This is the equation for […]

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