To be a Winner you have to Learn to be a Good Loser

Every team or athlete loses from time to time and it’s how you deal with defeat that sets you apart as a coach. Anybody can be positive when things are going well. Its under pressure that the best stand out from the rest. Here are our tips for doing just that …

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How America Can Win The Ryder Cup in 2016

Europe’s win in the 2014 Ryder Cup has led to acrimony amongst the American Players. After three losses. for the good of the competition, we need a competitive American in Minneapolis 2016. Here are my three tips for how America can come good once more …

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Why Sports Clubs Select the Wrong Head Coach & How to Select the Right One

It surprises me how many major sporting clubs have no clear policy on recruiting their Head Coach / Sporting Director. For most the only thought seems to be previous and recent success. Playing philosophy, financial strategy, player development and, most importantly of all, the ability to inspire seem to be afterthoughts if they are considered […]

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‘Opportunity’ : Make Improbable Victory Seem Possible

Opportunity is a theme I have begun to pick out of the language of truly inspirational coaches and Athletes lately. The idea of opportunity is a brilliant tactic to use to inspire when the odds seem formidable or you are experiencing a run of bad results. Combined with the impress Formula it creates bullet hard […]

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How Pressure affects Roy Hodgson’s Performance & What to Do About It

There are very few jobs as pressurised as that of England Soccer Coach and it’s no surprise that pressure affects Roy Hodgson’s performance. Under duress he has a tendency to …

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Belief, Focus & Setting expectation

Stuart Lancaster vBlog: Belief, Focus & Setting Expectations

In this fourth and final vBlog of our series with Stuart lancaster, he talks about how to absorb the pressure of set backs and come back on the front foot.

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