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News about the impress Coaching Blog

This is a note to keep you updated on what is happening with the blog. We have just enjoyed a fantastically successful spell having spent 12 months working out what we enjoyed writing, what you enjoyed reading and how to market the blog. Now we are slowing down slightly for a few weeks. We want to focus time and effort on developing the academy. This note explains all.

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Managing conflict with your children

My daughters used to live in Somerset with their mum following our highly acrimonious divorce. Given their young age of 7 and 4, the long journey from Somerset to Birmingham every other weekend to see me and the negative press I knew I received from their mum, I was fearful that they might choose to stop coming, or that my ex-wife would block my contact with them. This is how I turned Friday night blues into Friday night bliss

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Some thoughts on Courage, Leadership and how to Thrive in Adversity

My work as a coach in business throws up some interesting questions from time to time which have a relevance in sport. Over the last couple of months courage in the face of adversity has been topical with some of my clients. So what is courage and do feelings of self doubt and apprehension reveal weakness?…

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Building Resilience in Children

On a family holiday in the South of France last year, along with my eldest daughter (Imogen aged 10), I found myself clinging to a tree for dear life, 15 meters up, streaming with sweat and wondering why I’d paid good money to put us through such a trial. Unfortunately for Imogen’s two cousins (also aged 10), they were up there with us, hanging on and wishing they were back on solid ground[...]

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Three Steps for Rebuilding Confidence and Self Esteem in Children

When our children experience adversity it can be a very challenging and emotional time for them and their parents. We don’t always think of these moments as opportunities to help them develop into successful, happy and fulfilled adults. But that’s exactly what they are and these tips will help you to help them to develop in that way

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Learning from Stuart Lancaster and Steve Hansen: Five questions to improve your coaching

A magnificent match between teams led by two of the best coaches in world sport. Under Hansen’s leadership the All Blacks have earned number one world ranking. Lancaster’s transformation has enabled England to rapidly move from sixth place and challenge for second. What can we learn from exploring their approach to leadership? I believe that Stuart Lancaster and Steve Hansen have shown us a simple recipe for success and world class excellence. In doing so they pose five questions which every coach would benefit from asking:

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How England Can Beat The All Blacks

How to beat a team like the All Blacks? Ranked number one in the world, at the top of their game and determined to set a record by going 12 months unbeaten. Next up are England and that bit of extra spice as the AB’s look for revenge against the only team to beat them in nearly two years. We discuss how to prepare the team mentally for this epic encounter.

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