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Tim Sherwood and an Aston Villa Shrink

Birmingham Evening Mail reporter @matkendrick writes that new Aston Villa boss, Tim Sherwood, is considering recruiting a sports mind coach to help boost the confidence of his team. As regular readers know, I always say the most important ‘shrink’ in any team is the manager.

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Why Anthony Joshua could struggle to fulfil his potential

I love boxing. Always have. As a 13 year old I could reel off the dates, locations and stories behind all of all the great heavyweight fights going back to James Jeffries, Bob Fitzsimmons and Co. As a 15 year old I’d ‘borrow’ and extension cable from the cleaners at my boarding school and sneak […]

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Has LVG been reading this blog?

After what appeared to be a promising pre-season for Louis Van Gaal and Man United, things have taken a turn for worse in the first part of the season. And along with the poor run of results LVG’s choice of language seemed to be undermining the cause. So much so that Mark Sheasby, founder of […]

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To be a Winner you have to Learn to be a Good Loser

Every team or athlete loses from time to time and it’s how you deal with defeat that sets you apart as a coach. Anybody can be positive when things are going well. Its under pressure that the best stand out from the rest. Here are our tips for doing just that …

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